I was rostered to be in Interventional Radiology suites on one day of that week. Completely oblivious of what it was, I went and attended. The first patient on the list was an IVC filter insertion. I had no idea what the procedure involved and thought it would take hours. I was introduced to the consultant and I saw him prepping for it. I was chatting with the nurses and in 5 minutes the operator turned around and said ‘DONE’.

Seeing the range of procedures that IRs performed, the innovation involved in the day to day practice and industry side of things drew me even more to the career.

Diversity in the doctors in IR means more understanding in the diversity of our patients and providing an overall more inclusive place for our patients to come to for their health concerns. It matters greatly when there are cultural or language barriers to getting treatment, and having a specialty with many physicians from all walks of life can help alleviate some of those barriers.

As the future leaders in interventional radiology, this is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills, and innovative approaches to the wider professional community. We invite you to submit your most intriguing and instructive cases for consideration and presentation.

Are you a medical student, resident, or fellow and thinking of submitting a case for the RFS Virtual Angio club but are unsure where to start?

Dr. Supersad is currently a PGY-4 resident in diagnostic radiology at the University of Alberta.  She was born and raised in Edmonton, and after medical school at the University of Calgary is back in her hometown to complete residency.

A draft presentation of no more than 8-10minutes should be submitted by September 26, 2021 via email at cairservice@cairweb.ca

A draft presentation of no more than 8-10minutes should be submitted by October 7, 2020 via email at cairservice@cairweb.ca

Hosted* via Zoom, this inaugural meeting will take place on October 28, 2020 at 8:00 PM EST and include presentations** and discussions from residents and fellows enrolled in a radiology program in Canada.

Led by Dr. Kevin Shixiao He, resident representative on the CAIR Board and inaugural Chair of the RFS, the new section had its first meeting in June with more than a dozen of representatives, and will soon be present in all of the 16 radiology residency programs across Canada.