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George Mckeiver

My Interventional Radiologist has treated my liver cancer with radio-frequency tumour ablations. I am grateful to have received this less invasive Interventional Radiology treatment, a very interesting alternative to surgery. At age 85, I continue to be active and to volunteer at my local Canoe Museum.
– George Mckeiver

Gayle Finlay

In 2016, an interventional radiology treatment changed my life. Thanks to uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), gone was the chronic pain I endured for years on end. A short procedure, a one-night stay at the hospital and my symptoms began to subside almost immediately. One month after the treatment, my symptoms had completely disappeared. UFE provides a very attractive alternative to hysterectomy.
– Gayle Finlay

Harvey Organ

I am a 72 years old man, a retired pharmacist. Late 2018, I experienced huge bladder contractions and the pain was excruciating. I could not urinate at all for 33 hours! I went to the hospital where I was told my prostate was dramatically enlarged. Taking drugs to reduce the size of my prostate did not work. I was then sent to specialists and we decided on prostate artery embolization, a procedure performed by an Interventional Radiologist. The procedure was painless and my wife drove me home after a few hours in the recovery room. A few months later, everything is back to normal. My prostate size has gone down by 57%. I highly recommend this procedure as it certainly added to my quality of life.
– Harvey Organ