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It can be confusing to know about the different opportunities to train in interventional radiology in Canada, especially when training structures are evolving! We hope this information will help clarify any questions you may have. 


Previously, the pathway to interventional radiology training in Canada was entirely fellowship based, consisting of a one-year Interventional Radiology (IR) fellowship following the completion of a five-year Diagnostic Radiology (DR) residency. Gradually, some Canadian institutions are altering their training pathway to include an interventional radiology residency training pathway, which often incorporates interventional radiology training into the diagnostic radiology residency  

It is important to note that there are currently no direct entry interventional radiology residencies in Canada, and all programs require training in diagnostic radiology beforehand. This differs from the United States, where one can begin their integrated training in diagnostic and interventional radiology directly after medical school. The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) has resources detailing the interventional radiology training available in the United States, available here.

Table 1 – Comparing different types of interventional radiology training. IR: interventional radiology, DR: diagnostic radiology.  

  IR Fellowship  IR Residency (from DR)  IR Residency (direct entry) 
Available in Canada  Yes, widespread   Yes, select schools  No 
Length of training  5 years DR, 1 year IR  Varies, either 5 years DR/1 year IR or 4 years DR/2 years IR  N/A 
Qualifications  Royal College DR, IR certification (Royal College exam not mandatory)  DR & IR Royal College Exams  N/A 



We surveyed current diagnostic radiology residency program in Canada regarding interventional radiology residency programs. Three programs are currently active – University of Montreal, Laval, and Western University. The University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, and McGill are currently developing their IR residencies.  

Table 2Currently active IR Residencies in Canada 

  Université de Montréal  Université Laval  Western University 
Number of positions  1  1  1 
Program length  1 year, post DR  2 years (includes PGY5 of DR)  1 year, with more IR electives in PGY5 of DR 
Language  French  French  English 
Program contact  Dr. Marie-France Giroux
Dr. Catherine Lalonde
Dr. Lojan Sivakumaran,


Interventional radiology residency programs that have been accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada can be seen on their website, however this does not always correlate to currently active programs. We suggest reaching out to the programs directly for application information.