Residents, Fellows, And Students Virtual Angio Club

Hosted via Zoom, the meeting will take place on October 13, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST and include presentations and discussions from residents and fellows enrolled in a radiology program in Canada.

Who can attend: everyone interested in Interventional Radiology (medical students, residents, fellows, faculty members, etc.)

This event is offered at no cost for all CAIR members!

Limited space available.

Who can submit a case : residents and fellows enrolled in a radiology program across Canada and who are members in good standing with CAIR.

Case criteria: 

  • Presentation must be targeted to an audience with little to moderate knowledge of IR
  • Educational value of presentation will be favored over complexity/rarity of the case
  • The recommended file type to be used for presentations is PowerPoint or Portable Document Format (PDF)

A draft presentation of no more than 8-10minutes should be submitted by September 26, 2021 via email at