Virtual Learning Series

Roundtable on Clinical IR Practice

Grand Slams and Catastrophes

CAIR is pleased to present the 5th Annual Grand Slams and Catastrophes course – a shortened 4-hour virtual event with Dr. Lindsay Machan as a keynote speaker. Eight case-based presentations of both unique “think outside the box”/extreme IR (Grand Slams) and M&M (Catastrophes) will follow, with a view to generate lively discussion from the faculty and attendees.

Cases of the month

Percutaneous Iliac Artery Aneurysm Access via Lumbar Arteries

September 5 2020

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

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NEARLY 4 OUT OF 10 WOMEN AGED 35+ HAVE FIBROIDS OF SIGNIFICANT SIZE. “When it comes to treating Uterine Fibroids, there is a significant upside to embolization versus the common alternative of a hysterectomy. Embolization is a simple and safe procedure, offers a speedy recovery, and avoids the removal of your uterus. It’s a procedure that fixes the problem now while leaving options open for the future. It just makes sense.” – Dr. Véronique Caty

New videos for patients : Stroke

We want to thank Dr. Darren Ferguson, St-John Regional Hospital (NB) and Dr. Gérald Gahide, CHUS (QC). Learn more about the CAIR initiative here. Treatments for patients here.