In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and surgical facilities nationwide paused elective surgical procedures and other non-emergent and non-essential services, limiting physical access to health care facilities for non-essential health care personnel, patient visitors, and medical technology representatives.

Medtech Canada (the association representing the medical technology industry in Canada) developed the following Re-entry Guidance document (link below), which provides clinically based recommendations to support health care organizations and medical technology representatives when resuming elective procedures.

The principles and considerations contained in the document are intended to guide health care facilities, health care personnel and medical technology representatives as they adopt access policies that support safe re-entry of medical technology representatives into the health care facility. These considerations are not a substitute for guidance or requirements from provincial or federal government authorities.

Medtech Canada will be disseminating the document to its relevant stakeholders through the association’s various committees, and they sought endorsements from medical groups to support the document. 

CAIR is pleased to support this guidance document, as it will assist in ensuring that industry representatives can continue to support clinicians in a safe and responsive way.

Re-entry Guidance for Health Care Facilities and Medical Technology Representatives

If you have any questions about the Re-entry Guidance, please contact Medtech Canada’s President and CEO, Brian Lewis at