Please just hear me out!  I know it is annoying, but I am back to make another plug for the Royal College Exam in Interventional Radiology.  I realize no one enjoys exams, and specifically paying lots of money to take an exam that they are unsure or unclear of the benefit. I get it. But in case you have been thinking about it I wanted to encourage you to consider it.

Here is what Dr. Stephen Ho, Chair of the Specialty Committee in Interventional Radiology at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada wants us all to know about the potential impact of this exam.

“I believe that the future of Interventional Radiology in Canada is in our hands to shape and guide. By obtaining certification, we are committing to excellence and taking IR to the next level. Having Royal College certification identifies us as experts, for the benefit of our patients and for contributing to advancement in our field. I would like to encourage all practicing IRs in Canada to take this opportunity and show our merit!”

The next exam will be Wednesday September 27, 2023, though if you haven’t registered already you will need to get your registration for the Fall 2024 exam submitted by August 31, 2023.  Please enjoy this link to the Royal College information page for the Interventional Radiology exam and consider signing up.