Message from the CAIR Board

Dear CAIR Members,

While COVID-19 vaccines are beginning to roll out in Canada, we’re aware that pandemic restrictions on travel and gatherings, as well other physical distancing protocols, will continue for some time. In anticipation of this, we have redesigned our learning activities to ensure that CAIR members can access professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Our new 2021 Virtual Learning Series will allow you to continue your professional development online, and keep you connected with your IR community. We have created a calendar of monthly live and on-demand virtual sessions. We’re excited to bring you access to exceptional educational and scientific programming that you can participate in any time, from anywhere.

Plan your year with us and browse through our featured programming, industry presentations, list of exhibitors, and speakers.

This will be your 2021 CAIR learning destination.

Best regards and stay healthy.

Board of Directors
Canadian Association for Interventional Radiology

Accreditation/CME Credits

The Grand Slams & Catastrophes 2021 is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Participating Faculty

Organizing Committee

Virtual Learning Series (former Annual Meeting) VLS

Dr. Tara Graham, Dr. Veronique Caty, Dr. Gerald Gahide

Roundtable on Clinical IR practice

Dr. Amol Mujoomdar, Dr. Jason Wong

Virtual Angio Club

Dr. Jason Wong, Dr. Amol Mujoomdar

Virtual Angio Club – RFS

Dr. Kevin He, Dr. François Coulombe


Dr. Robert Abraham - Halifax, NS

Dr. Rima Aina - Ottawa, ON

Dr. Brian van Adel - Hamilton, ON

Dr. Murad Bandali - Calgary, AB

Dr. Mathieu Beland - Quebec City, QC

Dr. Andrew Benko - Sherbrooke, QC

Dr. Louis-Martin Boucher - Montreal, QC

Dr. Tatiana Cabrera - Montreal, QC

Dr. Jeannie Callum - Kingston, ON

Dr. Leandro Cardarelli Leite - London, ON

Dr. Veronique Caty - Montreal, QC

Dr. Cori Caughlin - Calgary, AB

Dr. Niamh Coffey - Waterdown, ON

Dr. Peter Collingwood - St John's, NL

Dr. Michael Connolly - Hamilton, ON

Dr. Derek Cool - London, ON

Dr. John Drover - Kingston, ON

Dr. Josee Dubois - Montreal, QC

Dr. Darren Ferguson - St. John, NB

Dr. Gerald Gahide - Sherbrooke, QC

Dr. Marie-France Giroux - Montreal, QC

Dr. Tara Graham - Toronto, ON

Dr. Anastasia Hadjivassiliou - Vancouver, BC

Dr. Adnan Hadziomerovic - Ottawa, ON

Dr. Eric Herget - Calgary, AB

Dr. Steven Ho - Vancouver, BC

Dr. Arash Jaberi - Toronto, ON

Dr. Jeff Jaskolka - Toronto, ON

Dr. Al Jin - Kingston, ON

Dr. John Kachura - Toronto, ON

Dr. John Kaufman - Portland, OR

Dr. Darren Klass - Vancouver, BC

Dr. Nevin De Korompay - Kelowna, BC

Dr. Catherine Lalonde - Quebec, QC

Dr. Christopher Lightfoot - Halifax, NS

Dr. Lindsay Machan - Vancouver, BC

Dr. Alexandre Menard - Kingston, ON

Dr. Thomas Moser - Montreal, QC

Dr. Amol Mujoomdar - London, ON

Dr. Peter Munk - Vancouver, BC

Dr. Maxime Noël-Lamy - Sherbrooke, QC

Dr. Menaka Pai - Hamilton, ON

Dr. Stefan Przybojewski - Calgary, AB

Dr. Rahim Samji - Edmonton, AB

Dr. Jo Shapiro - Boston, MA

Dr. Gillian Shiau - Edmonton, AB

Dr. Nicolette Sinclair - Saskatoon, SK

Dr. Melissa Skanes - St-John's, NF

Dr. Deepak Sudheendra - Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Dhaliwal Surinder - Winnipeg, MB

Dr. Kong Teng Tan - Toronto, ON

Dr. George Vatakencherry - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Chris Wall - Saskatoon, SK

Dr. Jason Wong - Calgary, AB

Program & Registration

CAIR’s leading educational event is going virtual – learn from the comfort of anywhere! Join us in 2021 for CAIR’s Virtual Learning Series, an unparalleled learning experience – unequaled educational content presented by expert faculty. Enjoy a full year of a live, interactive learning experience!

Why attend?

Connecting with your peers and industry is easier and more affordable than ever. CAIR’s 2021 Virtual Learning Series is designed to deliver an exceptional learning and networking experience throughout the year and has the high-quality educational opportunities you need to advance your career and strengthen your connection to the interventional radiology community.

Our Virtual Exhibition Hall will showcase the latest solutions from industry partners and allow you to connect one-on-one to discuss your institution or practice needs.

  • Expert Faculty.
  • Exceptional educational content and scientific and practice-related sessions.
  • Latest evidence-based clinical information.
  • Interactive, live learning sessions.
  • Live polling and Q&A with leading experts.

Registration Process

All live 2021 Virtual Learning Sessions are FREE for CAIR members!

Close to $4000 in savings!

CAIR members must log into their account before registering to obtain the Free Rates. (2021 membership dues must be paid prior to registering for a session)

Standard Rates will appear below for non-members or members who are not logged into the website.

Meeting registrations include access to the live session only*

Registration will be open throughout the year.

*For on-demand access to the recordings of the session, a nominal fee will apply.

The 2021 Virtual Learning Series is FREE for CAIR Members.

CAIR Members must log into the website before registering. Once logged in, the price for each session below will be $0. Click "Add to Cart" to register for each session. Or click on the event name for more information about each session. (2021 membership dues must be paid prior to registering for a session.)

Grand Slams and Catastrophes (non-members: $399) | February 6 @ 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

VLS 2021 – Wellness Symposium (non-members: $199) | February 17 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Virtual Angio Club – March (non-members: $199) | March 10 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

VLS – On-demand session (non-members: $49) | July 28 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

VLS – On-demand session (non-members: $49) | August 25 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Virtual Angio Club – September (non-members: $199) | September 29 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Virtual Angio Club – November (non-members: $199) | November 24 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Corporate Partners

Click to explore the CAIR Virtual Exhibit Hall or click on a sponsor to see their page.

CAIR programs are made possible through unrestricted education grants from our corporate partners and are planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity, and balance.

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