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Sami Adham

PGY3 – McMaster University

Hi everyone, I’m a PGY3 resident at McMaster University and this will be my first year joining the CAIR RFS. My first exposure to interventional radiology was as a medical student at Vancouver General Hospital during a visiting elective. I loved how interventional Radiology offered a unique intersection between emerging medical technologies, anatomic proficiency, and procedural expertise.

I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario where I completed my undergraduate degree, my medical education, and now my residency. My passions include outreach to underserved medical communities and family-centered healthcare. Before medicine, I was a therapist for children with autism. I credit some of the greatest lessons I learned about working in healthcare to the families I worked with in that capacity. Outside of work, I enjoy running, traveling, playing soccer, and volleyball (both beach and court).

I am very excited to work with everyone this year as part of CAIR RFS by helping to increase exposure and fostering interest in interventional radiology.

Aida Ahrari

PGY3 – University of Toronto

Aida is a third year radiology resident at the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa, before moving to Toronto to complete her medical school training and master’s in Healthcare Leadership and Innovation at the University of Toronto. In her spare time, she enjoys spinning, hiking, and tennis. She is excited to be a part of this year’s CAIR RFS committee.

Julien Bejjani 

PGY 4 – University of Montreal

Hey everyone! I’m Julien, a PGY4 in diagnostic radiology at the University of Montreal. I discovered interventional radiology during my clerkship and was captivated by its ability to harness creativity and innovation to pragmatically tackle complex medical issues. Beyond medicine, I enjoy astrophotography, hiking, social gatherings, and road cycling. As a CAIR RFS member, I hope to share my passion for IR with trainees and students across the country and abroad, and look forward to participating in events promoting this fascinating subspecialty!

Helena Bentley

PGY4 – University of British Columbia

Dr. Bentley is a PGY-4 resident physician in diagnostic radiology at the University of British Columbia. She completed her MSc at McGill University and she is finishing her PhD at the same institution. Dr. Bentley previously served as the inaugural Chair of the Canadian Association of Radiologists Resident and Fellow Section Education Committee. She currently serves on the Radiographics Trainee Editorial Board. Dr. Bentley is currently leading the development of the CAIR RFS Virtual Angio Suite, which is intended to serve as an educational resource for medical students and diagnostic radiology residents across the country.

Michael Cowap 

PGY-2 – Manitoba

Originally from London, England, I completed my medical training in Winnipeg and am a current PGY-2 at the University of Manitoba. I found an interest in interventional radiology after shadowing during my clerkship, and thought it was a perfect intersection between anatomy, procedural skill, and advancing technologies. I look forward to representing the prairies on CAIR and collaborating with the amazing members on interesting projects, and hopefully stimulate more interest in IR as a career.

Tasha Cusson

PGY1 – University of Laval

This is my first year with the CAIR RFS and I am excited to join this amazing team. I completed my medical training at the University of Montreal and I am currently a PGY1 at the University of Laval in Quebec City. I discovered IR in my first year of medical school  from a lecture given by Dre Veronique Katy (her profile is accessible on the CAIR website). Her passion for her job moved me and made me eager to learn more about it. I am passionate about this medical field and more precisely pediatric interventional radiology. I hope to share this less known division of IR with other this year.

Victoria Domonkos

PGY-4 – University of Ottawa

 Hello! Bonjour! Aanii!

I’m a PGY-4 resident at the University of Ottawa, and I have had a passion for interventional radiology since I discovered the subspecialty as a medical student. I find the innovative and minimally invasive nature of interventional radiology to be fascinating, and I know the subspecialty will only continue to grow and be able to help even more people in the future.

A little bit about me: I grew up in North Bay, Ontario and worked as a registered nurse for six years before starting medical school at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Thunder Bay. My nursing career took me across Canada, including Victoria, Vancouver and Iqaluit, Nunavut. Some of my fondest memories include seeing Arctic animals and experiencing the most gorgeous Northern lights filling the sky! My interests in radiology include Indigenous health, women’s health, and radiology in northern, rural and under-resourced settings.

Outside of work, you can catch me biking in Gatineau Park, tending to my plants and flowers in the summer, x-country and alpine skiing in the winter, and spending time with family and friends throughout the year. I’m looking forward to an exciting year collaborating with everyone as part of the CAIR RFS.

Selina Dong

PGY1 – Dalhousie University

I completed medical school at the University of Ottawa and am now in my PGY1 year at Dalhousie University! The ability to perform intricate procedures that delve into the complexities of human anatomy is what attracts me to IR. In my spare time, I enjoy road cycling, downhill skiing, and hiking with friends and family. I’m excited to work with this year’s CAIR RFS team!

Bo Yi Dou

PGY3 – University of Sherbrooke

I am excited to be again part of the CAIR RFS. I completed my medical training at the University of Sherbrooke, and have a strong interest in mentoring and in research. By producing educative contents and organizing the Virtual Angio Club, I hope to help bring the field of IR closer to radiology residents and medical students.

Katie Harris

PGY1 – University of Toronto

I think the best thing about IR is how adaptable it is to different types of practice! My main interest is IR in extreme environments, specifically space – IR could be the procedural intervention of choice for long duration missions. Back on Earth, I’m excited to learn from all the expertise at CAIR, and promote the specialty across the country.

Yejun Hong

PGY1 – University of Calgary

I am Yejun, or June, martial artist, passionate about tennis, fascinated with stargazing. I entered the radiology residency in Calgary after completing medical school in the same. During my neurology elective, I saw an interventional thrombectomy for a patient suffering from stroke. Ever since then I fell in love with the precision and the elegance of interventions, that allows the most complicated procedures to be completed with minimal complications. I look forward to committing to CAIR, and learning all I can about what IR is and where it is headed!

Olivier Houle

PGY2 – Université Laval

This my second year with the CAIR RFS and I am thrilled once again to join this team of motivated residents. I completed my medical training at the University of Sherbrooke delocalized campus in Saguenay. I am currently a PGY 2 at Laval University in Quebec city. I hope for the upcoming year to collaborate with this fantastic group of students to share with others our passion for this innovative field of practice.

Abtin Jafroodifar

PGY6 – Western University

This is my first time being involved with CAIR and I am super excited to be a part of this awesome organization! I completed my medical training at SGU, DR residency in New York, and I’m excited to continue my IR journey at Western, where I also completed my undergrad. I got interested in IR during my third year of medical school and my love for the field has only grown ever since. I love IR because it effectively closes the gap between diagnostic and procedural radiology – I am interested in finding the crossroads between IR and Nuclear Medicine (my other area of training) where personalized therapies are emerging. In my spare time I enjoy working out, playing sports, and traveling as much as possible. I am excited to see what this year brings for CAIR and I am excited to be a part of it!

Philippe Larouche

PGY1 – Laval University

My name is Philippe and I am a PGY 1 at Laval University in Quebec City. During my clerkship, I had the chance to complete an elective rotation in interventional radiology. Whether it be vascular intervention of more conventional procedures, I loved everything about it. Over the last year, I have attended multiple CAIR events, initially to explore the field of radiology that is IR and then to nourish my interest. I’ve always liked the collegiality within the group and the common goal towards expertise sharing. I am excited to work with the CAIR RFS team over the coming year!

Jorden Lo – Vice Chair

PGY2 – University of Western Ontario

Hey everyone! Jorden here. I am a PGY2 radiology resident at Western, as well as the Vice Chair of the CAIR RFS this year. I have been involved as a resident member of the CAIR RFS since PGY1 year, leading and assisting in organizing many IR-related events for trainees. CAIR is a wonderful community with exciting opportunities to get involved, and I look forward to being able to contribute to this amazing group as the Vice Chair! Outside of radiology, I enjoy traveling, golfing, and a good social gathering. See you at our CAIR events!

Momina Mateen

PGY2 – University of Ottawa

Fell in love with interventional radiology as an undergrad student shadowing an interventionalist who was performing minimally invasive procedures on a wide variety of patients from benign paras to biopsies – with the patient walking away with nothing more than a bandage. Looking forward to getting involved with CAIR and bringing IR to more women in high-schools and universities!

Sabreena Moosa

PGY1 – University of Toronto

I am a first year resident at the University of Toronto, and completing medical school at McMaster University. IR combines two of my favourite things: imaging and procedures. The way minimally invasive but significantly impactful procedures can be performed while leaving the patient with just a small scar is truly a revolutionary concept. Very excited to work with this year’s team on CAIR!

Shaylin Pillay 

PGY1, University of Calgary

My name is Shaylin, and I’m a PGY-1 Resident from the University of Calgary. I completed my undergraduate and medical training in Saskatchewan, and I’m super excited to continue my training in Calgary. I first fell in love with IR during medical school, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Besides Medicine, I also love watching sports, going for runs, building lego, and cooking new meals. I’m excited to be a part of the CAIR RFS and look forward to sharing the wonders of IR to everyone!

Arsalan Rizwan

PGY-3 – Queen’s University

Hello! I am a PGY-3 diagnostic radiology resident at Queen’s University. I also did my medical school at Queen’s University. One of the first ever medical observerships I did was in interventional radiology and I have been interested in this ever expanding field of radiology since then. Outside of work and medicine, I love to cycle and spend time with my family.  I am honored to be a part of CAIR RFS and looking forward to working with everyone in CAIR.

Sebastien Robert

PGY5 – Western University

As a second year member of the RFS, I greatly look forward to continuing to expand my role with CAIR! My primary objectives remain focused on advocacy efforts for the ever expanding field of Interventional Radiology. Through the creation of high quality educational material, in conjunction with the expansion of social/networking initiatives, I hope to help further bring to light all that IR has to offer. The future of CAIR is bright, and I am happy to be a part of it.

Hilary Strong

PGY3 – Memorial University of Newfoundland

Hilary completed both her Bachelor of Science Honors degree and medical degree at Memorial University.  As a proud East Coaster, she is excited to continue pursuing her postgraduate training at home.  In addition to medicine, her main passions include spending quality time with family/friends, playing basketball and tennis, and traveling. During her undergraduate degree, she enjoyed competing and traveling on Memorial University’s Varsity Tennis team.  Hilary is very passionate about IR’s capabilities to bridge the worlds of diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.  She is excited to help explore, expand, and contribute to Interventional Radiology initiatives as Memorial’s CAIR  Representative!

Alanna Supersad – RFS Chair 

PGY5 – University of Alberta 

This is my second year with the CAIR RFS, and I am excited to work with motivated, like-minded trainees from across the country. I have a particular interest in resident and trainee wellness as well as mentorship and am looking forward to working with the group to create some new initiatives in the coming year. We are looking forward to repeating the successful events that were put on last year and we are also excited to plan some new events and work on new initiatives in the coming year. Stay tuned for upcoming RFS events. If you would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to reach out at  

Michael Teutenberg

PGY1 – University of Toronto

As a returning member of the CAIR RFS, I am eager to expand on previous initiates and increase CAIRs presence within the medical community as a member of the Education Subcommittee. My primary objective is to support the creation of a catalog of useful resources and educational events to drive early exposure to Interventional Radiology – a medical specialty proven to be rapidly expanding by patient volumes and technical expertise. Joined by talented colleagues from across the country, I look forward with enthusiasm at the year ahead with CAIR!

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