Dr. Gilles Soulez MD, MSc, FSIR is a vascular and interventional radiologist at CHUM, University of Montréal. He completed his radiology residency in France at University Paris V in 1988 and completed a 2-year fellowship combined with a certification of the French College of Interventional Radiology. He completed a MSc in clinical research and epidemiology at University of Montreal in 2000 and obtained a clinical researcher scholarship from the FRQ-S from the Junior I to National Scientist award.

He is currently appointed as a Professor of Radiology at University of Montreal and was chairman of the Department of Radiology, Radiation-Oncology and Nuclear Medicine from 2012 to 2020. His research is dedicated to the advancement of vascular and interventional radiology in the field of aortic, peripheral arterial diseases and management of vascular anomalies. He is funded by the Canadian Fund of Innovation, Canadian Institute of Health Research, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council, Fonds de la Recherché en Santé du Québec (FRQ-S). He has published 210 peer-reviewed papers during his career (H index 45).

He has authored and co-authored nine patents and is very active in n technological transfer with leading companies in this field, such as, Siemens Medical and Cook Medical.