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22 mai, 2024

Mot d’Ouverture et Présentation du Comité

8:00-8:05 | Bow Valley

Anastasia Hadjivassiliou,  Nevin De Korompay,  John Kachura,  Richard Owen

CAIR RFE Section

8:05-8:10 | Bow Valley

Alanna Supersad

Reconnaissance du Partenaire

8:10-8:15 | Bow Valley

Dan Mayhew, Cook Medical

DIPS using a Portal Vein Cavernous Collateral and Splenorenal Shunt Embolization for Treatment of Refractory Hepatic Encephalopathy

8:15-8:30 | Bow Valley

Lucas Newman

Extra-Anatomic Neoanastamosis in Management of Ureteroenteric Fistula Post Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion

8:30-8:45 |Bow Valley

Luhe Yang

Benign Superior Vena Cava Syndrome:Sharp Endovascular Recanalization

8:45-9:00 | Bow Valley

Shaylin Pillay

Direct-Puncture-Guided Sharp Recanalization Technique in a Case of Long Segment SMV Occlusion

9:00-9:15 | Bow Valley

Mehrshad Bakhshi



Trans-Femoral Intravenous Tumour Biopsy

9:30-9:45 | Bow Valley

Omid Shearkhani

Biodegradable Biliary Stents Placement Using a “Kissing-Stent” Technique in a Recalcitrant Biliary Stricture Post Liver Transplant

9:45-10:00 | Bow Valley

Aleena Malik

Iliocaval Reconstruction in a Palliative Patient with Malignant Inferior Vena Cava Syndrome

10:00-10:15 | Bow Valley

Amir Pourghadiri

Thinking Outside the Stent

10:15-10:30 | Bow Valley

Samuel Pike



Intrahepatic and Retrograde Direct Percutaneous Lymphangiography with Embolization

10:45-11:00 | Bow Valley

Robyn St Croix

Challenging Osteoid Osteoma/Osteoblastoma: To Ablate Or to Freeze

11:00-11:15 | Bow Valley

Abdullah Alenezi

Management of a Large HCC by TARE and TACE

11:15-11:30 | Bow Valley

Francois Coulombe

Case Presentation

11:30-11:45 | Bow Valley

Abeer Aldhawi





Devinez la Procédure

13:30-15:20 | Bow Valley

Jessica Common, Eric Hutfluss, Abtin Jafroodifar, Aline D. Khatchikian, Maria Koleva, Jimin Lee, Sébastien C. Robert, Alexandra Slater, Matthew Squire, Emily Wong


15:20-15:30 | Bow Valley

Ce Que J’Aimerais Savoir

15:30-16:30 | Bow Valley

Panel Discussion

Observations Finales

16:30-16:35 | Bow Valley

Anastasia Hadjivassiliou, Nevin De Korompay

Session Pratique et Dîner

18:00-20:00 | Eau Claire

Cook Medical